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Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy & Our Bonuses Expire In...


Create a blockbuster course + make a dent in your students lives + enjoy the hell out of your

(unlike other Bonus Packages that force you do to everything yourself, we are going to work with you online…and in person!)

And instantly claim our exclusive bonuses (see below)

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Wait. What the heck is
digital course academy?

Created by our smart AF friend, the “Beyonce of Digital Courses”, Amy Porterfield, Digital Course Academy ain’t your typical online program.

Aw helllll naw!

Instead, Digital Course Academy™️ is the only immersive implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create and deliver your online course like a pro — but how to get it into the hands of dozens or even hundreds of customers every month.

Basically, it’s your unfair advantage for running a thriving + endlessly scalable business that requires less time than most 6-figure businesses today and is dripping with the financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom and the personal freedom you crave.  

For just a sec…  imagine what that would feel like for YOU.

Reassuring? Confidence-boosting? Liberating? Exciting AF? 

Make you wanna roll around in a big pile of money? 

Damn straight.

And because we believe in Amy to our core, we’ve created + curated an elite Bonus Experience designed to accelerate your results so you can live a life of meaning, freedom, ease, alignment, impact and a damn-it-feels-good-to-be-a-gangster kinda income!

What Does Your Business Feel Like Right now?

Overwhelming? Up and down? Uncertain? Anxiety-inducing?

Are you stuck at your desk for 12, 14, or 18 hours, desperately trying to piece together something…hell, anything… that will help you finally make a full-time income with your business?

Do you find yourself shallow-breathing while making to-do lists consisting of…

  • Searching inside FB Groups for potential customers...
  • Creating content (podcasts and blogposts and videos OH MY!)...
  • Trying to figure out how to run (and not lose money on) FB ads...
  • Writing so many emails, sales pages and social media posts your brain hurts...
  • Trying to figure out how to get your business "out there"...

Oh and then there’s that whole creating your course piece!
I mean, damn! It’s enough to make you wanna day-drink!

We get it.

We’ve been there!

And we’re telling you, there’s a better way.

One that is proven (to the tune of 48,000 students and over $15 MILLION in revenue) and can help you create a blockbuster course, reach your people, smash your goals and finally come out on top…even if you have a micro audience, a small email list or you’re new to this whole online business thing!

pump the breaks. who are you again?

What’s up, we’re Jill and Josh Stanton and we’re the Co-Founders of Screw The Nine To Five—our slice of the web that was coined by Forbes as a “destination for up-and-coming online entrepreneurs”!

We’ve helped and inspired tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs to quit their jobs, build thriving online businesses and live lives of meaning and purpose and we’d love the chance to coach, support and guide you on your journey to creating (and selling the hell out of) your digital course!

"In less than 20 hours I had made $12,000 off that idea!"

Trine Frederiksen

Bonus Alumni

5 reasons why we ❤️ digital course academy

  • Digital Course Academy walks you through the entire course creation + launch process step-by-step—from idea validation to creating your course to selling your course effortlessly (hello momentum + money)
  • It comes with 12 weeks of high-impact implementation support from Amy so you get the crystal-clear clarity + direction you need to move forward with confidence
  • You get unlimited access to Amy's proven digital course creation framework (tested + tweaked over 10 years and 48,000 students) to ensure your digital course is a runaway hit
  • You get ALL her custom bonuses to help accelerate your results and making money faster
  • You get LIVE Q & A and clarity sessions with Amy Monday-Thursday for 12 weeks! (yeah, seriously!) *bottles pop + crowd goes wild*

And that’s just the beginning! 

Ready to leave this unknown + underpaid chapter of your business behind and step into the holy-SHIFT-is-this-seriously-my-life version of yourself?

If you’re nodding your head “yes” at the screen then allow us to introduce you to…

the #1 DCA bonus experience

Forward your email receipt to dca[AT] to claim our exclusive bonuses!

Digital Course Academy & our bonuses expire in...


Exclusive BONUS: 2-Day mastermind Event In San Diego

Our first signature bonus is a BIG one as we only host ultra-private live events and tickets are highly coveted

When you enrol in Digital Course Academy as our special bonus member you will get a FREE ticket to our 2-day business-building mastermind in San Diego, California—featuring powerhouse guests Amy Porterfield,  James Wedmore and Pat Flynn (<– that lineup though!)

During these two memorable days, we will deep-dive into the specific things you need to predictably grow your business and set it up for wild-success.  

This isn’t some event where you leave feeling overwhelmed, anxious and glossing through pages (upon pages) of notes you’re never going to use. 

Oh hellllll no! 

Instead, this entire weekend is intentionally designed to give you an easy execution plan that will get you results and help you make 2020 a breakthrough year in your business.

why DCA members are choosing jill + josh
as their business acceleration coaches

Bonus #2: 4-week digital course accelerator

If there is one thing we’re really good at, it’s mentoring an intimate community of ambitious entrepreneurs who are hungry for results. 

Sure, you’ll get the chance to connect and collaborate with other members inside this group—an awesome side benefit of this hyper-focused community…. 

However, our 4 weeks together will be dedicated to helping you get out of your head, into action and clocking serious wins!

Each week we’ll go live to answer all of your Qs so you feel clear, confident, unstoppable and are never left wondering “what should I do next?”!

why DCA members are choosing jill + josh as their business acceleration coaches

bonus 3: Your First (or next) 250 subscribers

Struggling to attract the right subscribers to your email list? 
In this LIVE interactive workshop (that is heavy on the Q & A), Josh will walk you through a simple plan for landing your first (or next) 250 email subscribers who are perfectly aligned with what you have to say and sell! 

BONUS 4: FB Ads Made Easy—A Simple System to Help You Sell More of Your Digital Course

Does the thought of learning FB Ads make you want to cradle your knees and rock back and forth in the corner? 
In this 60-minute LIVE interactive workshop Josh will walk you (step-by-step) through a stupid-simple system for using FB ads to sell MORE of your digital course!
This training is dedicated to what is working TODAY and best of all, it’s repeatable! 

NEW Bonus: How To Find, Hire and Train A Rockstar VA

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in mundane and energy-draining tasks?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, Josh will show you his step-by-step process for finding, hiring and training a Rockstar Virtual Assistant for less than you think.

That way you can get back to serving your people and growing your business!


Want to learn how to get quality leads on Facebook for 75% less than your competitors?

Paul Ace is “The Messenger Bot” guy and a self proclaimed nerd who is OBSESSED with build profitable audiences through FB Messenger. 

Basically, he’s the “ace up our sleeves”!)

In this interactive workshop, Paul will show you a dead-easy way to use Messenger Bots to attract people who are perfectly aligned with what you have to say and sell!

I'm so in! how do i claim my bonuses?

Step 1: enrolL

Click any of the buttons on this page to be taken directly to the enrollment page for Digital Course Academy where you can sign up

Step 2: forward

Once you join DCA, forward your Welcome Email from Team Porterfield to us at dca[AT]

Step 3: access

Our team will send you instructions on what to expect next and how to access your
2019 bonus package!

Create your blockbuster course + impact more people + enjoy the hell out of

Forward your email receipt to dca[AT] to claim our exclusive bonuses!

Digital Course Academy & our bonuses expire in...


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If I get your bonuses, do I still get Amy's'?

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of joining through our Bonus Experience!

Not only do you get ALL of our free bonuses, you also get the full Digital Course Academy program + every single bonus Amy has created to help support you and accelerate your journey to digital course superstardom! 

Pretty sweet, right?

When do I get all of your bonuses?

Once you forward your receipt to dca[at] (and we confirm your details on our end), we will send you a full bonus delivery schedule—including the dates for when you can expect each bonus!

We will also send you a full schedule of the different live calls so you can block off the appropriate time to be fully present with us!

Then on Monday, September 23 you will receive an email with the link to book your 1-on-1 coaching call (if you join before Sept 13 at 11:59pm EST), as well as more information on what to expect for our 4-week mastermind and LIVE 2-day event!

How can I be sure that I get all of your bonuses?

This is simple! To claim our bonuses, you must enrol through our custom affiliate link or simply click any of the buttons on this page to ensure you get our exclusive bonuses.

Then once you’ve received your Welcome Email from Team Porterfield, forward it to us at dca[at] and our team will send you access details!

If you click anyone else’s link we will not be able to guarantee you access to our bonuses

When does Digital Course Academy start?

The first module of DCA drops Monday September 23rd and continues every week for 12 weeks—with time blocked off for pure implementation!

Amy will also be going LIVE in your members group FOUR times a week for those 12 weeks so you feel fully supported and crystal-clear on what to do, how to do it and when to make it all happen!

Rest assured, you will be well taken care with Team Porterfield!

Will I have access to Josh and Jill to ask them questions?


Throughout our 4 weeks together we will be hosting weekly LIVE Q & A and coaching calls to ensure all of your Q’s are personally A’d by us! 

Plus, you also get a private 20-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with either Josh or Jill (if you join before 11:59pm EST on September 13th) to dive deep into your business and set you up with a success plan! *fist pump*

Is Digital Course Academy right for me if I don’t have a business yet?

Honestly? YES AND NO.

Look, we believe in keeping it real with you… 

So if you’re just starting your business and you KNOW you want to create a digital course (but you don’t know where to start) then YES, Digital Course Academy is a great fit!

If, you’re just starting out and do NOT want a course and don’t even like the idea of teaching then, NO, DCA is not the right fit for you. 

More From Past Students...

Create your blockbuster course + impact more people + enjoy the hell out of

Forward your email receipt to dca[AT] to claim our exclusive bonuses!

Digital Course Academy & our bonuses expire in...